During your stay at Mekoos, if you want to add to your fresh-air activities with snowmobile or ATV trips so that you can explore our vast territory more fully, there's nothing to it !

It is possible to rent these motorized vehicles by getting in touch with us. We will be pleased to serve as a go-between between you and the rental agency.

Tourist Accommodation for transient visitors

Mekoos is also an unavoidable stop for ATVers and snowmobilers who wish to end a day in the great outdoors in a royal manner ! The quality of our meals will delight you, as will the accommodations, which will provide you with comfort and well-being before going back on the road.

SNOWMOBILE via the Trans Canada Trail # 319
QUAD - ATV via trail # 13

Snowmobilers and ATVers package
"Accommodation and Meals" Package      
140 $ / pers Dinner and breakfast Lodge / cottage / complexe Spa and sauna are included in all packages
**  Fixed prices for GROUP are available
Rental of Snowmobiles or ATV
The Outfitter has its own fleet Mekoos snowmobiles, quads and side by side.
The American Plan includes 3 meals per day, namely breakfast, lunch or a picnic basket and a 4-course dinner.
European Plan means that you bring your food and prepare your own meals.
Amenities available on site Other services
hunting and fishing
fishing and hunting equipment
propane equipment
Gasoline and oil
Baited - bait - mirador
battery charging

freezer /
storage preparation and packaging
transportation to site
bedding & crockery

Guide :250 $ / day
Motor 2 h.p. :40 $ / day
Rowboat  :20 $ / day
Canoe  :20 $ / day
Kayak :20 $ / day
Snowshoes :10 $ / day
Fishing shack  :20 $ / day
Available transport service between the airport and the lodge, rates on request

Our terms of sale

  • A 30% deposit, payable by check or credit card is required to confirm your reservation. (non-refundable if canceled less than 90 days before the scheduled date of Seday)
  • TAXES, PERMITS AND SERVICE, IN ADDITION (prices in Canadian dollars)
  • Hunting and fishing outfitter in the available
  • 14h after arrival and departure before 10h
  • These prices are subject to change without notice.