Where rustic means comfort !

Mekoos can accommodate up to 100 guests at a time.

Our rustic-looking cottages are built of logs. They are fully equipped to ensure that you enjoy a very comfortable stay.

Except for the off-site cottages, you have access to electricity and all have a bathroom with a shower and running water.

A little history

Since 2004, Dumoulin family pursues objectives of sustainable development, ecotourism in four seasons and ensures proper management of wildlife native supported, allowing it to offer you a harvest of exceptional quality.

Mekoos was regional winner in 2014 and 2013 GRAND PRIX OF TOURISM QUEBEC, in addition to winning Gold and Silver in 2006 in 2005 in the category Hotel-Outfitters, the GRAND PRIZE OF TOURISM QUEBEC.

Dumoulin family is known for its warm welcome as the only members of a tightly knit family can.

They send you to the heart of their passion for the forest and adventure, and this continued for the sake of environmental protection.