Mekoos is renowned for its good food

Mekoos is proud of its dining room, which is headed by an experienced chef who can satisfy the fussiest palate.

The "chef" suggests you start your day with a hearty breakfast. You will be quite taken by the lunch, whether you have it in the dining room or on the terrace.

If you have a day-long adventure ahead of you, the "chef" will prepare a succulent picnic basket for you.

As for dinner, you will be served a four-course meal in warm and pleasant surroundings. A more than enviable wine list caps each meal.

You have chosen the American plan. It could be that, after your fishing expedition, you would like to taste the fish you caught that day.

The "chef" will prepare some of them for you with pleasure and will serve them to you as an entrée before dinner.

Enjoy a reception to meet your expectations