A great big serving of fresh air !

Our vast, exclusive territory of 346 square kilometres has lots of various animals as it has a natural environment of high quality that is almost untouched.

Since its creation, Mekoos Outfitters has always taken the management of its animals to heart. This allows us, even today, to provide and to maintain the exciting challenge for all who enjoy it - the hunting expedition.

Our territory is in Zone 15 West.

Apart from moose, which has always been around at Mekoos, there is a lot of white-tailed deer and black bear around today. These latter species have not been hunted here for the last several decades, allowing the bear to increase its population considerably while the deer was expanding its territory to the north.

Mekoos Outfitters offers you an incomparable getaway by inviting you to discover wild and plentiful nature in the heart of the Canadian woods.

More than half a century of sustained fish and wildlife management allows us to offer you a harvest of exceptional quality.