A breath of fresh air!

In July and August, our packages "family vacation" offer a range of activities which will delight both parents and children.

While some prefer to sun themselves and rest, others can have fun at the beach, fishing line, kayak, pedal boat or canoe. And what about the expeditions with family, of course the famous picnic basket of the head! On foot or bicycle, discover some of our 500 kilometers of trails, promising fabulous memories!

Mekoos is the ideal spot for real vacation !

The variety of available activities will satisfy each member of your family or group.

Whether you are looking for adventure or getting away, the marvellous surroundings of this wild area will please everyone.

Our woods promote looking for flora and watching animals as you can frequently come across deer, moose, bears and foxes...

Apart from the mammals, the fish and birds are just as numerous to the inquisitive eye.

Finally, those looking for native plants will find a variety of species, from miniatures to giants, in magnificent colours and bearing delicious fruit.

So bring your binoculars, cameras and identification guides in the expectation of hours of discovery and pleasure !


Family rate - the main site (2 adults and 2 children)

700$ by family 3 nights / 4 days not included Choice of lakes et quotas limités

2 families in a large country cottage 1300$ /  Add $ 100 to special family rate for remote cottages.

1150 $ by family 6 nights /7 days not included Choice of lakes et quotas limités

2 families in a large country cottage 2000$ / Add $ 100 to special family rate for remote cottages.

FAMILY PACKAGES INCLUDE All: Accommodation, stove, refrigerator, barbecue, bathroom, bedding access to boat, canoe, water trampoline, hiking trail ETC ..
Child Extra
5 years & under  Free Dinner À la carte
6 to 11 years Half price Person / night  80 $
12 years & older  Adult rate    
The American Plan includes 3 meals per day, namely breakfast, lunch or a picnic basket and a 4-course dinner.
European Plan means that you bring your food and prepare your own meals.
Amenities available on site Other services
hunting and fishing
fishing and hunting equipment
propane equipment
Gasoline and oil
Baited - bait - mirador
battery charging
freezer /
storage preparation and packaging
transportation to site
bedding & crockery
Guide :250 $ / day
Motor 2 h.p. :40 $ / day
Rowboat  :20 $ / day
Canoe  :20 $ / day
Kayak :20 $ / day
Snowshoes :10 $ / day
Fishing shack  :20 $ / day
Transport available between the outfitter and the airports (Montreal or Tremblant), applicable fee available upon request

Our terms of sale

  • A 30% deposit, payable by check or credit card is required to confirm your reservation. (non-refundable if canceled less than 90 days before the scheduled date of Seday)
  • TAXES, PERMITS AND SERVICE, IN ADDITION (prices in Canadian dollars)
  • Hunting and fishing outfitter in the available
  • 14h after arrival and departure before 12h
  • These prices are subject to change without notice.