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Nature in all its splendour

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    A great big serving of fresh air !

    While some prefer to sun themselves and rest, others can have fun at the beach, fishing line, kayak, pedal boat or canoe. And what about the expeditions with family, of course the famous picnic basket of the head! On foot or bicycle, discover some of our 500 kilometers of trails, promising fabulous memories!

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    Lots of all kinds of animals!

    Mekoos Outfitter has always been committed to managing its wildlife heritage on its exclusive territory of 346 square kilometers.

  • fishing outfitter Quebec
    Brook trout paradis !

    The undisputed star of the Mekoos is the brook trout (speckled trout), which also inspired the name of the outfitter since Algonquin Mekoos translates to "paradise of the native brook trout."

Mekoos Outfitters offers you an incomparable getaway by inviting you to discover wild and plentiful nature in the heart of the Canadian woods.

We can accommodate up to 150 guests at a time. Our cabins are rustic offers high comfort while retaining the wild side of nature. Each chalet is built of logs and hasextensive facilities ensures that you spend a comfortable stay.

135 lakes on 346 square kilometres of exclusive territory.

At Mekoos, in any season, the outdoors, relaxation and vacations take pride of place in a captivating environment.